Application Portfolio Management (APM) is a framework that provides managers with an inventory of software applications and a set of evaluation metrics.  These tools provide for the comprehensive oversight of your application assets, as well as the ability to assess their quality and evolution over time.

An APM system uses algorithms to generate reports on the value of each application and the overall state of the IT infrastructure.  By collecting parameters like an application’s age, frequency of use, maintenance costs, and its interconnections with other applications, a manager can employ multiple scenarios to decide whether a given application should be maintained, updated, retired, or replaced.

APM systems also offer development teams a technical view of software components, providing tools for daily impact analysis and knowledge enablement practices.

Manual analysis and classification of software assets are virtually impossible, which is why dedicated solutions exist. They allow for 100% automation in the collection, aggregation, and interpretation of such data.

Docet/EV creates documentation of software objects that make up both legacy and modern web applications.  This provides for a detailed analysis of components and their relationships, within a single relational database.

Collected information can be accessed via WIC Planet, the web interface for Docet/EV.  This interface generates graphical views of the object-relationships, even if they belong to different applications or platforms.  Additionally, you can access the database using custom queries.

Collected data suits multiple purposes:

  • For management, it provides a high-level view of the application portfolio.
  • For application development teams, it offers technical and functional information about components and data.
  • For operations, it provides the necessary insights to effectively govern infrastructure components and batch processes.



Boost your software performance across the board with a focus on:

  • Implementing rigorous Quality Assurance and code metrics to guarantee safe and efficient Adhere to the best coding practices to assure top-notch quality and peak performance.
  • Employing detailed software and hardware mapping, coupled with cross-referencing, to swiftly analyze static code.
  • Streamlining the dissemination and sharing of essential know-how throughout your organization.


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