The skills available at RES draw value from the experience gained in over thirty years of activity, working closely with multiple realities of primary importance in the national and international scene.

The value of the experience is constantly enriched by the attention to the evolution of ICT technologies and methodologies, as well as throughy the knowledge transfer policy towards its own resources.

This allows RES to support the client in activities with a higher strategic and organizational value, as well as in those with an operational profile, with a wide and diversified offering of Consulting Services, able to cover extremely varied needs.

With targeted projects and professional services on request, RES is able to study and implement together with the customer the best solutions in response to its methodology, architecture, system and application needs, as well as to prepare and implement education plans for specific training of its internal resources.

We provide additional high value strategic and organizational consultancy, providing a service based on the establishment of articulated work groups which, according to operational needs, include professional figures such as:

  • Business Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Product Specialists
  • Technical Analyst & Developer

In this way we are able to guarantee methodological, technical and technological components of the greatest value.

In terms of System Integration, RES provides an approach that differentiates it from other major market players: RES i gives an interpretation oriented to the resolution of integration problems, where complexity is linked not so much to the relevance of the dimensional factors, as to the need for particular qualities of flexibility and versatility in having components which interact cohesively, which can be not only technological but also functional and organizational.

Finally, the service models, according to which the RES offer can be provided, follow the customer’s needs through methods of proven efficacy, in the various supply areas.


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