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RES Freedata is a Digital & Consulting Agency that deals with the conception and development of Digital and Social Media Marketing strategies and actions.

The origins of RES Freedata date back to 1993.  When under the name of Freedata Labs, it offered services to the market exclusively in the field of Business Intelligence and CRM.  Over the years, following technology and market evolution, it has expanded its offer with a clear goal to reach: helping companies to increase their business with the tools made available through digital marketing.  In 2018, it became part of the RES Group by changing its name to RES Freedata.

Today RES Freedata supports companies in the development of Digital Marketing activities through the implementation of strategies based on the analysis of online conversations (Web Listening), critical interpretation of data (Social Intelligence), Digital expert consultancy and Social Media Strategist.

RES Freedata bases its value on its human capital, a staff with highly unique and diverse skills: marketing, digital communication, advertising management, production of creative contents and more. In addition, RES Freedata provides statistical modeling, data analysis, site and application development.

Constant monitoring and attention to technological and custom innovations lead us to read marketing challenges differently and to think of new, original and effective solutions.

Our obsessive passion for metrics makes us work with a very strong focus on measuring results. Each of our strategic, creative and process solutions is effectively Data Driven.

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Our Services

Digital Strategy
Proposing your own brand or product online, requires a company to have precise planning and specific communication strategies.
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation is an integrated approach based on process automation to generate, engage and convert leads into customers.
Social Media Marketing
Generating Social Media Marketing means first of all creating, planning and managing the communication strategy on the social channels of a brand.
Digital ADV
RES exploits the digital evolution of advertising to optimize the customer journey and consolidate brand and product awareness in order to provide the company with the correct answer to the requirements of its target.
The goal of an SEO strategy is to make a website easily locatable by users looking for the brand and its products or services on search engines.
Digital Intelligence
The team of analysts at the RES Group is characterized by a wide range of skills ranging from statistical modeling to digital communication through CRM and Marketing Automation.



Both marketing and HR talks about people to people and that’s why we decided to combine the two skills to reformulate companies’ internal communication. On this basis, we have created a reality where marketing metrics positively contaminate HR policies: starting from a retention strategy, we have created a method to attract the right talents for your organization. Not the best talents, but the consistent and correct ones!

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