About Us

RES G2 was formed by RES on 1 August 2017 with the aim of acquiring the business of G2 Informatica, an Italian company with a 30 years history in the IT services market, who specialized in the design and marketing of software for the financial, insurance and credit sectors.

The acquisition of G2 Informatica comes after a process of strengthening and expanding the activities of the RES Group in the Italian and foreign markets aimed at providing products and services through a network of highly specialized companies for vertical markets and operating in a synergic way.

Besides being a reliable supplier for the design of software solutions, RES G2 has become a vital partner in the continuing search to find new approaches and solutions to the optimization of processes in our client’s business.

RES G2 has evolved over the years to offer its customers a wide range of extended skills that not only address issues in the technical field, but also cover management and managerial areas.

Credit management, credit reinsurance, fraud prevention, claims management are just some of the vertical skills of RES G2.

RES G2 supports its customers in the processes of growth and transformation, supporting them in the strategic definition phase as well as in the implementation of operational processes, along with designing and developing efficient and value-added technological solutions. It also manages systems and entire functional areas through qualified resources and certified methodologies.

The mission of RES G2 is to simplify and optimize the management of customer I.T. processes and tasks, guaranteeing the customer an immediate return in economic terms of the investments made in ICT.


The skills available at RES draw value from the experience gained in over thirty years of activity

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