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RES PGB is an Italian company that specializes in the supply of Professional Services and System Integration in the IT environment.

RES PGB was set up by RES in March 2016 with the aim of acquiring the business of PGB, an IT services company already highly acknowledged in several strategic markets where RES has a significant and long-term presence: from the banking and insurance market to the industrial, telecommunications and public administration.

The establishment of RES PGB responds to a incorporation of the RES Group offer, which leads to channeling the potential of cross-consultancy to the service of customers in RES PGB.

RES PGB is now able to provide high-quality know-how and specializations in business-critical projects, where it is essential to have interdisciplinary and strongly interacting skills: from systems to application development, from architectures to data, along with organization for the management of ICT processes.

Careful investigations and knowledge transfer policies, implemented by a dedicated technical structure, allows RES PGB to keep up with the evolution of ICT, maintaining a high level of propositional capacity for its people.

RES PGB presents two distinct business lines to better meet the needs of customers: Professional Services and “on Demand” Consulting.

There are also various ways in which to make use of the services offered, in relation to the nature of offered services and the needs of the Customers: from “turnkey” projects to “time & material” project solutions, through forms of agreement studied for the specific case.

Finally, the placement of RES PGB in a multifunctional Group has generated new synergies, allowing a significant expansion of the potential of the overall offer.

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The skills available at RES draw value from the experience gained in over thirty years of activity

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