Batch processing is still considered a fundamental part of the workload run on the mainframe and continues to be a mission critical element to satisfy the desired service levels.

This is why the governance and optimization of batch application performance are still important issues in many companies today, especially for those cases where it is necessary to focus on projects for systems consolidation, volumes growth, cost reduction and extension of online services availability. These are all issues which encompass various aspects of the IT environments, starting from hardware and software configuration all through those pertaining to development and functional aspects.

The RES approach on this subject comes from an integrated view as part of our over thirty years’ experience on batch governance and optimization issues, based on a proven methodology improved in several complex projects and through the development of specific supporting tools.



Allows to have an innovative and effective view of the flow of critical batch applications through the breaking down of the time and resources within their primary components, in order to launch with more precision any optimization interventions and also simulate any changes in the operations and the business.


Allows in a totally automated way to reduce the elapsed time of batch processing using the best possible adaptable strategies.


While in synergy with Batch Watch it allows to perform an accurate analysis of the critical flows from a typical development and functional  standpoint.


Through the use of its quality analysis component it allows to identify software components that require optimization, especially in usage of SQL, also providing the means to analyze   the obsolescence of the applications and allow to get rid of the parts of the programs that are not useful, not used or obsolete.

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