There are several definitions related to what is intended when speaking of “quality of the software”. For some it means the ability to deliver applications that conform to requirements, for others instead it may mean to be synonymous to “the customer values”, or minimizing code errors. In reality they are all different points of view that should all be considered, but can only be partially measured or evaluated objectively and in an automated fashion.

It took years of research and studies during which many of today’s standards have been formulated to finally form regulation ISO-25010. This regulation is the reason for which an entity such as CISQ (Consortium for IT Software Quality) would define the following five characteristics: Reliability, Efficiency, Security, Maintainability, and (adequate) size.

RES strength is the result of the experience acquired during a multitude of project for analyzing and measuring using Docet/EV from the RES Suite, which allows to map software quality by quantifying of single modules or of entire systems within the five mentioned dimensions using of KPI gathered in a totally automated fashion.

These KPI are basic elements which allow to efficiently map what is specified by ISO and also what is indicated by the CISQ.

Through measurements gathered it is possible to address some of the different requirements such as:

  • Controlling the applications dimensions, weather in terms of lines of code and of Function Points, by having a view of the history in order to evaluate or keep under control AM costs;
  • A study and the quantification of the technological debt necessary to correct the gravest situations which may cause defects and or performance problems;
  • Locating the weakest points within information systems.



Raises all of the software objects telematics of an “enterprise” and “cross-system” level at:

  • QA and code measuring to evaluate the related programming and at the same time guarantee quality and optimum performance;
  • Software and Hardware documentation and cross-reference in order to have a quick analysis of any static code;
  • distribution and sharing of the know-how.

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