The RES IT solution for a better control of batch application performance through an integrated view of Automatic Scheduler, Systems and Storage.

RES, naturally IT Culture

Our mission has always been to help business organizations achieve maximum  efficiency and quality in the management of their information systems.

Docet / EV

The most detailed and efficient solution for documentation, qualitative analysis and improvement of the performance of the application software: mapping, impact analysis, KPI assessment, adherence to “best practice” development, optimization, … all in one solution , available for open systems and mainframe platforms.

Daisy Suite

Provides the ability, through its Subsetting and Data Masking components, for a reduction in the size of and the requirement for privacy in test databases while ensuring absolute consistency of functional references between data belonging to different entities combined with extreme flexibility and ease of use. Available for a wide range of databases and files in open systems and mainframe environments.

DDL Changer

Relational DB lifecycle management, able to coordinate the comparison and the process of adjustment across different operating environment.


Allows the automatic recognition of the meaning of data in order to support DBAs, Data Administrators, Application Developers and anyone who is in need of using archives of which they do not have full knowledge.


Automatic management of the life cycle of JCL and schedules (syntax and logic validation, quality, creation of clones, automatic application of changes, including site required standards and/or naming conventions, migrations to/from different backgrounds …), ensuring high performance, errors reduction and reliability.


Design and automatic management of JOB and Automated Workload Software schedules life cycle, maximum efficiency and independence from the target environment.


A complete solution to track and predict the trend of batch production processing. Fundamental to the advanced understanding of what will happen in the batch environment, and to identify the impact on the service in the event of any delay in that processing (delay of targets, SLA defaults, ….).


Improves the performance and quality of scheduling of batch processes in z/OS by increasing parallelism and ensuring the automation of recovery/restart operations.


Real-time information on the technological infrastructure (HW/SW/Storage), for optimal control of license compliance and better service to the business through cost-cutting environment.

UpTown / EV

Total autonomy to the user, through a modern and functional web application, for the execution of on-demand processes.

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