We believe innovation means ’to renew’, and not ’to disrupt’.

For this reason, by listening to and understanding each of our client’s core needs, we have been designing safe and cutting-edge technology for almost forty years.

We provide tested and reliable software solutions to enhance and simplify your IT systems and your business.

We are RES, our motto is “Research, Enhance, Simplify“.


We are proud to stand as trailblazers among Italian firms in offering services and products designed for the management and enhancement of data, irrespective of its scale, format, or the information system involved.

Founded in 1987, “RES – Research for Enterprise Systems” initially emerged as a consultancy and software development powerhouse, focusing on managing relational databases for enterprise-level clients. This journey has cultivated our expertise, leading us to craft an array of specialized products adept at navigating the intricacies of complex information systems.

Our influence is particularly notable within the financial sector, where approximately 80% of prominent banking groups utilize at least one solution from our RES Suite.

Embarking on a strategic industrial evolution in 2016, we initiated the formation of new ventures and the integration of established names in the IT and digital arenas. This strategic shift has not only expanded our footprint but also diversified our expertise, solidifying our position as a dynamic conglomerate. Today, our team encompasses over 300 dedicated professionals, including employees and consultants.

Our headquarters are in Milan (Italy), with additional offices in Brescia, Como, and Cuneo. Within EU, we recently established a branch in Bucharest (Romania). Outside of EU, our presence extends to the United States with offices in New York City and San Francisco, and further south to Cuenca, Ecuador.

Here is the complete list of our offices.


Our mission is to deliver expertise and cutting-edge, secure technologies in the realm of Information Technology.

We are driven by a passion for information technology and its applications, enthralled by their continuous evolution and the boundless opportunities they present. Whether it’s managing resources, facilitating communication, or simply storing information securely and efficiently, the possibilities are endless. Today, there’s virtually no limit to what IT can offer a business. However, we recognize that every enterprise needs solutions that are not only secure and high-performing but also accessible and tailored to their unique requirements.

This passion is encapsulated in a set of distinctive attributes that define our offerings:


Since 1987, we have been relentlessly committed to fully understanding our clients, their businesses, and their needs. Active listening is a core value that has driven us to enrich our group’s experiences and expertise over the years. We are convinced that maintaining open, direct communication is the most effective strategy for successfully maneuvering through the ever-shifting landscape of technology.


Research is the cornerstone of evolution. This principle guides us to constantly refine our market solutions, setting higher standards for functionality, quality, and service. We pursue research – both internally and on behalf of our clients – with a straightforward objective: to deliver higher-performing solutions at reduced costs.


Continuous improvement is what transforms our commitment to listening and research into new products and features. Customer feedback and technological advancements represent opportunities to refine our solutions. As a result, we are able to promptly meet the current needs of our customers and help them anticipate and overcome future challenges.


For any business to thrive, management must be as streamlined as possible. Companies shun disorder, and IT systems can create significant chaos if not properly managed. That’s why at RES, our focus is on simplifying our approach, solutions, and systems, aiming to ease the operational burden for our clients.