The experience the RES Group has acquired during over thirty years in the business of implementing software solutions, weather of a technological nature, or business support oriented, is fundamentally based on:

  • Our research and development ability to produce, enhance and maintain our software products and expeditiously making them available to the market;
  • Having a team of analysts, IT architects, Data Experts and specialized technicians, who have been able to guide, support and advise our clients in making their decisions on how to best implement solutions.

Choosing a RES solutions also means trusting a partner that is capable and involved during all phases of the implementation process and adapting it based on the needs and requirements of the user and at the same time support and guarantee, not only the  time of completion, but also insuring the way they will evolve creating an absolutely unique value.



Within the world of Information Technology, development teams recognize more and more the need to have applications evolve in the shortest amount of time
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Application Portfolio Management (APM)

Application Portfolio Management (APM) is a framework that offers software application managers with a series of metric values which allow to maintain and control applications
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Software Quality and Measure

RES strength is the result of the experience acquired during a multitude of project for analyzing and measuring using Docet/EV from the RES Suite
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The use of terms “Cyber Security” normally refers to the practices used for protecting system, networks and programs from digital attacks
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Batch Performance Optimization

Batch processing is still considered a fundamental part of the work load executed on the mainframe and continue to be a component of mission-critical
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Data Meaning and Data Privacy

The fast moving and continuous evolutions of large IT systems has been the reason for the notable increasing of the complexity of various areas
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GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation

The new European Regulations for the protection of data provides a totally new approach concerning personal data
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Change and Release Management

La gestione del cambiamento degli oggetti software rappresenta da sempre un elemento chiave nel governo dei sistemi informativi
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To help companies in automating report generation, RES has developed a Reporting Process called Rebot
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