In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective change management of software assets is critical for minimizing system impacts while quickly adapting to market demands. RES takes a proactive approach, offering comprehensive change management solutions that navigate you successfully through the evolving digital world.

Our extensive range of products and services deliver complete change management solutions that cover every stage of the change processes. With almost four decades of expertise, we offer advanced technologies that eliminate gray areas, providing integrated and consistent change management that goes beyond traditional application programs. With RES, you transform change management into a strategic asset, promoting agility, innovation, and operational resilience.

Join the companies that have chosen RES to guide their change management journey to new horizons. Contact us for a personalized consultation and discover how we can support your path to innovation and operational excellence.



Your go-to solution for the design and automatic generation of applications for automated schedulers, as well as scripts and Job Control Language (JCL).


To introduce client-speficic quality controls into the software lifecycle and ensure compliance with programming standards and best practices.


For comprehensive support of Job Control Language (JCL) and batch scheduling networks, J/Man is your go-to solution. The platform covers all aspects, from syntac and naming convention adhearance to compliance with quality standards.

DDL Changer

The tool designed to manage the lifecycle of your relational data structures and Data Definition Language (DDL) scripts throughout all phases, from testing to production.


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