About Us

RES IT is an Italian-based company that, since 1987, develops and markets software, services and consulting for Enterprise Management with offices and representation, in Italy and abroad, under the corporate name of RES Srl.

Initially focused on the banking, insurance and large business sectors, immediately gained customers confidence in other business sectors and industries, achieving leadership in IT systems for System Governance and Reengineering solutions over the last decade.

Today, RES IT can boast, among its customers, about 80% of the large Italian financial and credit institutions along with many large international clients around the globe.

To interact with the educational and university research, in 2017 RES set up together with the University of Pavia the RIDS – RES Institute for Data Science, a methodological and applied research laboratory in Data Science.

Our Services

The experience the RES Group has acquired during over thirty years in the business of implementing software solutions, weather of a technological nature, or business support oriented, is fundamentally based on
Services for innovation
It addresses the market of Data Science, Big Data, predictive analysis and Machine Learning/Deep Learning with two distinct but synergistic structures

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