RES Synesis was created through a merger of RES PGB and RES G2, two companies active in the field of Application Management, Outsourcing and System Integration Services. These organizations were acquired by RES respectively in 2016 and 2017.

The new company is a joint suite of experience and skills, gained over many years of activity by two companies with different specializations, resulting in an express set of synergies that lead to a significant expansion of overall solutions and opportunities.

RES Synesis in fact strengthens the offer of Application Management, Outsourcing and System Integration thanks to a qualitatively and quantitatively increased solid structure, within which there is an increasingly stronger complex set of skills in Functional, Organizational and Project Governance areas.

The resulting improved opportunities for improvements, combined with the increased capabilities in the On Demand line of business, is able to guarantee customers and the market a more complete, structured response with greater added value.

The new “Permanent Observatory” around Methodologies, Architectures and Technologies moves in the direction of innovation which results in improved offerings, not only of RES Synesis, but of the entire RES Group with new solutions and improvements.

The Observatory is an area in which people with diversified skills and work histories can move throughout the IT landscape for a better understanding of not only the present environment, but with a prospective look towards the future, making the know-how that comes from these studies  available to the Company, the Group and, above all, to our customers.



Software and applications, tailored on your business needs.


Value-driven consultancy services, based on RES’ expertise on creating tailored software solutions.


A professional network of developers for just-in-time competence provision, IT supplier management and on-demand training programs.

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