Promoting your brand or product online requires precise planning and specific communication strategies.

RES assists its customers in establishing an effective and professional online and social media presence. This includes defining guidelines, strategic approaches, technical implementations, and the necessary tools so that the brand can gain tangible and measurable advantages from its investments.

Our method involves an initial phase of analyzing the starting position by comparing the client’s digital assets with those of competitors to create a “digitalization” assessment of the company and its direct competitors.

The subsequent steps involves identifying the correct customer journey and identifying key areas of intervention.

digital strategy proposal is then formed by combining previous elements with the company’s objectives and the existing marketing policies.  This includes any assets to create and/or strengthen your comapny’s position, actions to undertake, social media presence to ensure, and paid media to activate.

All results, positioning and return on investments are then collected and displayed in a digital KPI dashboard.


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