TotalErg, in the oil cards sales channel has chosen to create a business relationship with the owners of oil cards through digital communication.  TotalErg oil cards are accepted at over 16,000 stations across Europe. In Italy, the network coverage is optimal, with an average of one TotalErg station every 10 kilometers. There are around 35,000 customers of oil cards and they represent a significant share of the world of small and large haulers.

In Italy there is still a lot of room for growth in this market space, both in transacted volume and in increasing the customer base, therefore building a business relationship with customers and personalized prospects is represented in real time and via automated requirements.


The two questions with which we started are:

  • Is it possible to engage this target digitally?
  • Can we affect purchasing behavior?

Which, translated in terms of specific objectives and KPI, mean:

  • Is the cost per digital contact lower than the current one through the call center?
  • If customers interact with us digitally, how much can their monthly transaction vary?

The activity began by defining two “Personas” according to their purchasing behavior: Reductionists: “Customers who have reduced their transactions by at least 40% in the last 4 months” in total about 2,000 customers; Non-transacting: “Customers who have not made any transactions in the last 4 months” about 400 customers.

For each Persona type defined, through the use of Digital Intelligence activity, a different Customer Journey was developed based on the data mining activity on the CRM of TotalErg that uses to trace the transactional behavior of customers and their most relevant structural characteristics.  We have integrated the analysis of the CRM data with the information collected by the main internal stakeholders of TotalErg (marketing, sales and presales) relating to customer behavior and needs.  Finally, the decision was made to use Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.


For each Persona identified, the Customer Journey previously studied in the digital intelligence phase was implemented using Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

To stimulate the Reductionists to travel more, we proposed a promotion using a clear landing page where the main advantage was immediately evident so as to catch their attention.

The page contained a specific form in which to register to request the promotion by a certain date against which the customer would have been called back by the commercial service.

For non-transacting customers, the decision was made to leverage the possible problems that led to the non-use of the card (for example: demagnetized card or loss of the PIN) by inviting them to contact TotalErg customer service.


The first significant result was the high level of interactions (open rate 40; open click through rate 28%) obtained between reductions and non-transients with response and engagement rates higher than those obtained on average by telephone contact activities.

Each completed contact had a lower unit cost than the typical telephone contact and also managed to involve a greater number of customers.

The second interesting result was the increase in the change in the transaction as the level of engagement increases, which allows us to say that the completed communication is able to change the purchasing behavior.

The average transit increase for low engagement levels was 14%, reaching 25% for the higher engagement levels.