RES Group officially launches its newest consulting LOB currently staffed with Federico Bonelli, Federico Moretti, Cristiano Toni, Alessandra Grossi, Ilaria Valagussa and Samuel Meléndez.

To find goals and skills we had a chat with Federico Bonelli and Federico Moretti.

Federico B., why was the idea of ​​a LOB Consulting within the RES Group created?

One of the differentiating factors of RES, like many successful SME organizations, is the enormous care with which we treat our customers in all phases of the customer journey.  By beginning in the very early stages of the  creation of this LOB, we have been working together with our customers to design tailor-made solutions and services, bringing added value with our vertical experience.  The positive acknowledgements received over time has helped us understand how this type of design assistance is useful across virtually all of our customers.  RES Group is recognized as a loyal and competent partner on the vertical issues dealt with.

With what objectives in mind was it created?

We want to provide our clients’ managers with a second pair of eyes and a second pair of hands, to plan and manage the execution of strategic missions.What skills can it offer to the market?
We provide managerial level experience regarding the design and conduct of System Governance, data driven Digital Marketing, Innovation Management, DevOps Transformation and Artificial Intelligence.

What types of companies are the most focused target for this type of offering?

We turn to managers of medium and large companies to help them achieve success in their missions and grow professionally together.

Federico M., as HBR writes, has the moment of “Open Innovation” finally come? Also in Italy?

Although it does not seem as real, the concept of “open innovation” is almost a fully mature function.  The first articles and the first book on the subject – by prof. Henry Chesbrough – were published in 2003.  If in the early years it might have seemed like a passing phenomenon, over time it consolidated itself as a practice – first in the US IT arena and then in the rest of the global IT environment.
Today in Italy something is moving.  The best known case – and jointly participating is the same prof. Chesbrough – it is certainly Enel’s, with its “open innovation-ability” program, but also companies from other sectors such as Banca Sella, or Sapio, are investing more and more in opening up their innovative processes. Sharing projects with suppliers and partners allows an organization to reduce the necessary capital, improve the quality of the proposals and bring value to the whole ecosystem.  The current historical situation necessarily leads to reviewing many business models: what better time to experiment with new proposals involving your partners?
RES Group strives to operate according to this model, proposing co-creation paths across the vertical areas of competence.