Doxa in Italy is synonymous with “market research“.

The client turned to RES because it needed to make the production of reports for its customers more efficient, without losing anything in terms of reliability and precision.

The result was a Report Automation service: “Rebot”.


Doxa produces surveys for managers and decision makers of the main Italian companies, and is known for the impeccable quality of the market analysis it offers daily.

Doxa customers expect correct, effective and easily interpretable reports.

The production of presentations of this level requires a great effort also for the management issues, lengthening delivery times.

Doxa wanted to automate the compilation of the reports, for a seamless and error-free production, and found in RES a partner with system integrator and statistical skills.


The solution proposed to Doxa is Rebot: the RES Report Automation service.

The extensive flexibility and completeness of the solution allows RES to provide the customer with fully customized presentations, in standard PowerPoint PPTX format.

Once the layout and content have been agreed, the customer only needs to periodically provide data to RES. They will then receive complete reports quickly.

The process that generates the presentations from the data sent is semi-automatic, and as such:

  • creates by-design reports that are consistent over time, therefore easily comparable with the previously generated
  • reduces manual intervention by reducing the possibility of errors
  • reduce the cost of single reports

The entire process is managed by the RES data scientists who monitor the quality of the reports produced.

The Rebot service has allowed Doxa to advantages in terms of time, eliminating the need for control in favor of greater attention to data analysis and their interpretation.


“Using a system of mass production of seamless and automated reporting makes it possible for us to assure the customer receives highly customized extended analytical reports in a very short amount of time.

The solution combines the quality and flexibility of manual production with automated production times.  We are very satisfied with RES’s ability to understand and respond to our needs.”

Fabio Marotta – Research Manager Doxa

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