RIDS – RES Institute for Data Science, is a methodology and applied research laboratory in Data Science funded by the RES Group based at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Pavia.

RIDS deals with problems that require statistical and innovative mathematical modeling in the field of Data Science and Big Data Analytics.

RIDS aims to develop innovative and experimental projects, taking advantage of the computational skills present in the laboratory.

This laboratory employs a scientific committee that brings together professors and researchers from the Departments of the University of Pavia and collaborates with mathematical engineers and data scientists of the R&D organization of the RES group to generate new ideas of pure university research and provide new products to be placed on the market.

The laboratory was created from the need of the Market to be able to collaborate with the University world. I n fact, innovative models deriving from university research are developed within RIDS for the development of new products to be placed on the market.

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