The term DevOps is a combination of two words “Development” e “Operations”.

Within the world of Information Technology, development teams recognize more and more the need to have applications evolve in the shortest amount of time. This is a requirement that may be against the reliability and stability of the operations and production systems. Lee Thomson, who is one of the gurus of DevOps, has defined this conflict “wall of Confusion”.

DevOps represents a change in IT culture, and it focuses on the rapid deployment of services through the adoption of stream-lining practices, with a system oriented approach and without neglecting the quality aspect. DevOps implementations utilize a technology to overcome barriers and guarantee a new method of collaboration between two different entities.

Since its inception RES has been offering solutions within its RES Suite designed for Systems and IT governance which address perfectly the purpose of DevOps.



Provide support for project design, generation and script life-cycle, JCL and network scheduling, and allows a direct collaboration between “Development” and “Operations”.


Allows, for any  software objects (at “enterprise” and “cross-system” level):

  • QA and metrics of the code in order to guarantee secure deployment with respect to programming best practices to insure optimum performance;
  • Documentation and xref of Software and Hardware in order to perform a rapid analysis of static code, weather during an impact analysis phase or of problem determination;
  • Distribution and sharing of the know-how.


Allows for monitoring and forecasting of the batch  applications:

  • On the «development» side with a view of the applications by «line of business»
  • On the «operation» side to preview and verify adherence of the SLA and therefore the ability to undertake any quick actions.

DDL Changer

A support tool for managing the life-cycle of the relational structures and also of the DDL in all of its phases, enabling communication between «development» and  «operation», insuring operation automation and at the same time alleviating the DBAs from several responsibilities.


Is designed to support the development team when on-demand batch executions are submitted, while interfacing directly with the batch scheduler, under the tight control of the operations.

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